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Autumn salad with figs, raw ham, goat cheese and hazelnuts

Let’s have a bite of Autumn! It’s time to play with seasonal ingredients and warm, intense flavours in this time of the year. This “salad” is a variation on the Italian classic “Prosciutto e Fichi”: we added hazelnuts to give  the dish a crunchy texture and creamy goat cheese. It’s a last minute appetizer, fancy but easy to prepare and most of all…delicious! For 4 persons 4 black figs 8 slices of raw ham wild salad edible flowers fresh goat cheese honey peeled hazelnuts salt & pepper Extra virgin olive oil Wash and prepare all the ingredients: cut the hazelnuts, figs and the prosciutto slices. In a bowl, mix goat cheese and honey until creamy and smooth, you will use this mixture to make small “quenelles” to finish the salad simply using two tea spoons. Put the wild salad on the serving plates, trying to make a nice background for all the other ingredients. Then add ham, figs (we suggest to season them with some honey as well ;)) flowers and the small goat cheese …

NEXT DINNER IN VENICE – Italy – 12th September 2014

Dear Friends, we are taking reservations for our next very special event in September, Friday the 12th, in VENICE, Italy. You will enjoy a traditional fish menu (with a twist!) in a gorgeous friend’s home in the heart of Venice. Don’t miss it out!! To book your seat and an unforgettable evening, contact us at See you in VENICE! Metti una sera a Cena SupperClub Berlin&Venice

The Last Supper…before our summer break!

Dear Friends! We are going to host our last supper club before leaving for our three months summer break. The dinner is already fully booked and we can’t wait to serve to our guests a very special menu inspired to…Venice, of course! It’s gonna be a very traditional 5 courses menu. We’ll serve “classics” of the Venetian cuisine as “Schie con la polenta”, “Bigoli in Salsa”, “Sarde in Saor” and …”Tiramisu’” 😉 Let’s have a bite of Italian summer then! We are very happy to share this with our guests Friday! Berlin, see you in September! Metti una sera a cena SupperCub Berlin   P.S. Our favorite “Bacaro” in Venice…

Buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, basil oil and lavender flowers

A super-easy but delicious appetizer or quick lunch for friends! Ingredients for 4 persons 4 Buffalo mozzarella 4 cherry tomatoes Extra virgin olive oil Fresh basil black Hawaiian salt lavender fresh flowers (edible)   Cut the mozzarella into two parts and arrange them on the serving plate, one close to the other one. Wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them in 4 pieces. Remove the seeds and stick into the tomatoes slices making a kind of flower shape as in the picture. Fix it on the mozzarella. With a blender, make the basil oil. Add the washed and dry basil leaves to 1/2 cup of olive oil, some salt and blend it till obtain a green, smooth sauce. Season the mozzarella with the black salt, add some drops of basil oil and complete the composition with some fresh lavender flowers.

Missing Summer…a bite of France

It was one year ago when we enjoyed a very nice holiday in the South West of France, in Aquitaine, after being in Paris for a pop up shop event with our accessory label MARC ANDERSEN. During these autumn days, we miss so much the ocean, drinking fresh white wine and eating mussels close to the beach…and that amazing atmosphere of other times you can “smell” in Biarritz…enjoy some shoots of this nice trip!

Lost in the Kitchen…new inspirations :)

Good Morning Berlin! Here you are our last night experiments we had for dinner with some friends 😉 “Pecorino Ice cream, foie gras, parmesan chips and homemade figs jam, fried eggplant” “Potato Gnocchi on Topinambur cream, Buffalo mozzarella, semidry tomatoes and deep fried carrots leaf in Prosecco tempura” yummy!!! we also added an extra-date the 27th April…some slots are still available, write us at to book that evening 😉 Happy Easter and…enjoy the snow! Metti una seraa cena SupperClub Berin

“Grub’s Up” 24 March dinner report

Here we are after an intense, wonderful, exciting dinner experience we shared last night with Kristi and Dave of ZUHAUSE Supper Club and our great 20 guests…it was fantastic!! Ricki Bornhak of Prenzlauer Berg Nachrichten joined us for this and soon we’ll publish the link to see her video project about us and this special event…stay tuned!! In the meantime, just found this lovely review about one of our last dinner parties by “The Food and the City”; read the full article here. Here you are some pictures of last night creations and…the behind the scenes. Thanks again to all our guests for coming and making unique this so special evening. Metti una sera a cena Supper Club Berlin