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Dear friends, Now it’s official: we moved from Berlin to …Venice, Italy! During the upcoming months, here we’ll be doing a lot of food and art projects, as private chefs and also  as curators and co-founders of a new, exciting cultural adventure called “bocchediporto“. With bocchediporto we are planning a series of underground dinners hosted in the most fascinating places (sometimes hidden and not open to the public!) in town and in the islands of the lagoon. These are going to be unique, exclusive experiences where our guests will be able to enjoy a “total artwork” where everything is built and designed to create a dialogue between visual arts, architecture, history, food and people that will be always different and very special. We’ll be updating soon our blog with the next events…in the meantime you can always contact us here See you in Venice! Chiara and Marco Metti una Sera a Cena Advertisements

Our cooking art-performance for “homecomings, etc” in Berlin

Last 10 October we had the pleasure to being invited to share our own vision, art and culinary practice during the second edition of an exhibition series curated by Cassandra Edlefsen Lash and Annabelle von Girsewald, “homecomings, etc“. More pictures of our installation/performance are coming soon. In the meantime, here you are the sketch we made to design what we served and the text of the curators. “In the peak of the venue’s architecture, Marco Thiella and Chiara Zanella Coming Home (2014) is discovered as a reprieve in a quested return. Set within a space proposed as one of clarity and rtionality in Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space (1957), that which we know so well rises to the rafters of consciousness as an archetype. Having swayed under the weight of countless suppers, the pressures of conversation, of being worked upon, a form casting shadows reflects traced and anticipated action. The visual artists originally from Venice have been hosting one of Berlin’s first supper clubs, “Metti una sera a cena” (after a 1969 film “One …