Month: December 2014

When Piemonte meets Veneto

It’s “Radicchio season”, but more especially it’s the time of the year when you can enjoy one of the most interesting and tasty vegetables of our region, Veneto: we are talking about Radicchio di Treviso “tardivo”. This amazing vegetable was created in the 19th Century by a Belgian agronomist, Van Den Borre. The tecnique to obtain the look of the Tardivo is called Imbianchimento (whitening): the vegetables are harvested late, then put through a forced second growth immersed for 15 days in tanks filled with spring water at a temperature of 13° in a few light. This makes the plants grow again, become intensely red with their long white “fingers”, blooming excactly like flowers. It has a delicate and at the same time intense unique bitter taste. It’s perfect roasted in the oven, raw in a salad, to make Risotto…today we’ll serve it roasted in the pan with hazelnuts and another great product from the Northwest Italy: the Tomino Boscaiolo, a delicious cow’s milk cheese from Piemonte. Roasted Radicchio Tardivo di Treviso, Hazelnuts, Tomino Boscaiolo …

Nice to be back…fresh market delicacies #1

It’s nice to be back..and to get these amazing fresh seasonal ingredients that only in some areas of Italy you can find and enjoy. This particular kind of “Broccoli”, for instance, is a very special type of broccoli that you can find only in Vicenza: they grow on the hills of a small town called Creazzo. Goethe, when was here during his Italian journey in the 18th C, describes women carrying baskets full of them on their shoulders to sell these vegetables to the local market. You can make so many different and delicious dishes with these so simple, but tasty vegetables..last night we made a soup adding also potatoes, onion and…Gorgonzola! “Broccoli Fiolari” Soup with Gorgonzola for 6 servings 500 g Broccoli Fiolari (or Broccoli) 1 red onion 3 potatoes salt/pepper/extra virgin olive oil 1 lt vegetable stock    Rinse well the broccoli and cut the ends. Chop them and put them in a casserole with the onion and the potatoes (also chopped). Cover the vegetables with the stock and cook them until they …

Roasted beets, carrots and potatoes with apple and Balsamico

This is our version of the classic roasted beets and roots with apple and chili. For 4 Servings Carrots, Beets, Potatoes, Onions, Sweet potatoes, Apples Chili Rosmary Balsamic vinegar olive oil, salt & pepper Preheat the oven to 220° Cleanse and cut vegetables, in slices or sticks put them on the baking tray with some salt, pepper, chili and rosmary. Drizzle with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar Cook them in the oven until they are roasted. Serve them warm and add some Olive oil if necessary. This is great with goat cheese and toasted bread!