Month: October 2011

November Menu

Dear Friends, foodies and fans, we are glad to present the new Menu for the Dinner party on November 19th. It’s a nice composition of warm colours and flavours of autumn time…we really hope you’ll enjoy that! This event is already fully booked, but due to the lot of requests we’ve received, we’ll host an extra dinner on December 10th. Booking at or click here See you there! Metti una sera a cena Supperclub Berlin November 2011 19/11/2011 appetizer Mille foglie di taleggio Do.p.  e radicchio con gelée alla mela Millefeuille of Taleggio D.o.p. and radicchio, apple gelée * first course Ravioli di zucca, gorgonzola e noci, burro di bufala e salvia HomemadePumpkin  Ravioli with Gorgonzola and wallnuts, Buffalo butter and sage * Intermezzo Variazione di bufala alla lavanda e bottarga Variation of Buffalo mozzarella, Bottarga and Lavender * second course Merluzzo  al gratin di mandorle con vellutata di pera e profumo di tartufo Cod au almonds gratin, pear cream and Truffle scent * dessert Tortino caldo al cioccolato con salsa di arance e …

The day after dinner…

Dear Friends,   thank you so much for coming yesterday evening, we really had a great time with all of you and we are happy to know that you enjoyed the dinner! Due to the many requests we have received during the last months, we are planning an “extra-date” on December 10th, before the New Year’s Eve Dinner Party. This is by the way the day after… ; )! We look forward to the next one! Thank you…Danke…Grazie! Metti una sera a cena Supper club Berlin

22nd October and 19th November fully booked!

Dear friend and foodies, the next events on Saturday 22nd October and Saturday 19th November are now fully booked; due to a lot of requests we’ve received, we are planning to schedule the dinner parties twice a month…let us know what do you think about it! We are also already taking reservations for the New Year’s Eve Party…don’t miss it! Thank you all: the phenomenon of the Guerrilla Restaurants is growing worldwide and it’s very exciting to see what’s going on in Berlin… Metti una sera a cena Supper Club Berlin    

22nd October Menu

We are glad to present the Menu of the Dinner Party on Saturday 22nd October. The courses are inspired by autumn colors and ingredients…with some fresh touch! We reccomend you to tell if there’s any allergy, intolerance etc. in order to create an alternative Menu if it’s necessary. There are still 4 slots available; reservations and more info at See you there! Metti una sera a cena Supper Club Berlin   October 2011 22/10/2011 appetizer Schie con la polenta Minishrimps on polenta cream * first course Tagliatelle fatte in casa con Gallinacci, olive nere e Basilico, Parmigiano 20 mesi Homemade Tagliatelle with Chantarelle, Black olives and Basil, Parmigiano 20 mesi * Intermezzo * second course Baccalà  con peperoni secchi e crema di lenticchie Stockfish  with dry peppers and lentils cream * dessert Mousse al Cioccolato Bianco, Matcha e Pistacchi White Chocolate Mousse, Matcha Tea and Pistachos Moka Caffè