Month: April 2010

Food and wine in Veneto, why not?

Undisturbed oases of tranquility able to cater for all your tastes and needs. A food and wine holiday in Veneto in fact offers the best way to experience the traditions and customs of local life. Thanks to their locations (often situated near to the larger centres of art), a food and wine holiday unites all the values of the territory: nature, history and well-being combine in a typical day dedicated to the gastronomy of the Veneto, where the palate is always satisfied yet there is always more to tempt you. Food & wine in Veneto also means sampling the unique countryside and natural beauty, discovering age-old traditions of farming life, escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and living by the cycle of the sun rather than your watch. Here ‘food and wine’ and ‘holiday’ combine to signify total relaxation and enjoyment, immersed among the harmonious natural setting. Venetian food and wine is also famous for its specialities which all have the common denominator of tradition and love for the earth. All products …