Chiara & Marco are two Italian visual artists and creatives originally from Venice that have been hosting one of Berlin’s first supper clubs, “Metti una sera a cena” (after a 1969 film “One Night at Dinner” by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi) since 2010.

They opened their home, their table, for dinner guests, serving their traditional cuisine with a contemporary twist admist their artistic practices.

During five years in the German capital they have hosted countless suppers and events and their supper club has been internationally featured in magazines, newspapers and guides (The Guardian, Frankfurter Allgemein, Der Spiegel, Casa e Comida).

In 2013, they’ve been invited to be one of the key contributors in a documentary about creative and inspirational individuals within the Berlin sphere of influence for the last Toyota Aygo commercial, released in 2014, directed by Glen Milner.

Next events will be supper club dinners hosted in their apartment in Berlin and much more…stay tuned and check what’s next!

In the meantime enjoy this blog and get inspired with Metti una sera a cena recipes, inspirations…and lifestyle!

Chiara & Marco – Metti una sera a Cena


“This is not a table; it’s a raft…”

“Questa non è una tavola; è una zattera…”

Metti una sera a cena   Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, 1969


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