Month: May 2014

The Last Supper…before our summer break!

Dear Friends! We are going to host our last supper club before leaving for our three months summer break. The dinner is already fully booked and we can’t wait to serve to our guests a very special menu inspired to…Venice, of course! It’s gonna be a very traditional 5 courses menu. We’ll serve “classics” of the Venetian cuisine as “Schie con la polenta”, “Bigoli in Salsa”, “Sarde in Saor” and …”Tiramisu’” 😉 Let’s have a bite of Italian summer then! We are very happy to share this with our guests Friday! Berlin, see you in September! Metti una sera a cena SupperCub Berlin   P.S. Our favorite “Bacaro” in Venice… Advertisements

Buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, basil oil and lavender flowers

A super-easy but delicious appetizer or quick lunch for friends! Ingredients for 4 persons 4 Buffalo mozzarella 4 cherry tomatoes Extra virgin olive oil Fresh basil black Hawaiian salt lavender fresh flowers (edible)   Cut the mozzarella into two parts and arrange them on the serving plate, one close to the other one. Wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them in 4 pieces. Remove the seeds and stick into the tomatoes slices making a kind of flower shape as in the picture. Fix it on the mozzarella. With a blender, make the basil oil. Add the washed and dry basil leaves to 1/2 cup of olive oil, some salt and blend it till obtain a green, smooth sauce. Season the mozzarella with the black salt, add some drops of basil oil and complete the composition with some fresh lavender flowers.