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Wild herbs and beauty of the Venetian lagoon

by Anna Gilchrist Sant’Erasmo is one of those places that is known by few but known very well by those few. Just a stone’s throw away from the well-known Calli and Campos of Venice’s bustling center (click here for Vaporetto information). However, it remains relatively untrodden because despite being an integral part of the history of Venice and its inhabitants, the Islands can be an intimidating prospect without the knowledge of what to expect. That is what we went to discover. With the confident eyes of Tiberio we learnt about the hundreds of vegetables and plants that naturally thrive in the unique environment of the Lagoon and are currently under appreciated. As we walked amongst the towering herbs and uncut flowers the inspiration for recipes was palpable and it is unbelievable to think that they still remain such a mystery to most of us.   From just the one afternoon that we were lucky enough to spend cycling around, we encountered countless characters, all with their own role and stories about the Island. Unfortunately when we arrived …

Next Supper club dinners: Venice and Verona

Dear Friends, we are glad to announce that we are taking reservations for our upcoming events in: Venice (Friday, September 4th) and Verona (Friday, September 25th). In collaboration with our dear friend Sun (aka Needle&Cooker) we are going to host a series of supper club dinners in a private, stunning Palazzo in the heart of Venice and a we have been lucky enough to find another unique location: a 18th Century Villa in the heart of Valpolicella (Verona)…don’t miss it! The menu will be a delicious, creative composition of tastes and combinations that we will create together with Sun, where Italian and Korean cuisine will meet in a unique way. As always, the address will be revealed only few days before the event ;)! If you want to know more about it or make your reservation, contact us at or at or simply click on RESERVATIONS Can’t wait to see you there! *** Cari Amici, Dopo una breve pausa, siamo felici di annunciare le nostre prossime date a Venezia (Venerdi 4 Settembre) e a Verona …

When Korean and Italian cuisine meet…in Verona

When Korean and Italian cuisine meet…in Verona, it’s LOVE! We are planning a series of private Supper Club in Verona <3. We will create very special events, private dinners and much more in collaboration with our dear friend Sun, aka “Needle&Cooker“, offering delicious, creative unique tasting menus where Korean cuisine meets Italian cuisine. To make your reservation and to know more about it, write us at or Next dates will be published very soon…stay tuned! Metti una sera a Cena // SupperClub


Dear friends, Now it’s official: we moved from Berlin to …Venice, Italy! During the upcoming months, here we’ll be doing a lot of food and art projects, as private chefs and also  as curators and co-founders of a new, exciting cultural adventure called “bocchediporto“. With bocchediporto we are planning a series of underground dinners hosted in the most fascinating places (sometimes hidden and not open to the public!) in town and in the islands of the lagoon. These are going to be unique, exclusive experiences where our guests will be able to enjoy a “total artwork” where everything is built and designed to create a dialogue between visual arts, architecture, history, food and people that will be always different and very special. We’ll be updating soon our blog with the next events…in the meantime you can always contact us here See you in Venice! Chiara and Marco Metti una Sera a Cena

“COMING HOME” – our cooking installation and performance for the exhibition “homecomings, etc 2” in Berlin

“Coming Home”; a cooking installation and performance that took place last 27th of October at BOX Freiraum in Berlin, that we made for “homecomings, etc 2“, curated by Cassandra Edlefsen Lasch and Annabelle von Girsenwald.  Our own table and lamp as installation, while serving “Pasta e Fagioli”, a traditional dish of our region, Veneto.

Dinner on Friday the 20th of February almost FULLY BOOKED! LAST 2 SLOTS AVAILABLE

Our next dinner Friday the 20th of February is  almost fully booked after only one day…! The last 2 seats are available: contact us to join us! So happy to have received already a lot of reservations for our upcoming supper club events in Berlin…check out the next dates to book your seat here thank you All! lots of love Chiara&Marco Metti una sera a cena Supper Club

Roasted beets, carrots and potatoes with apple and Balsamico

This is our version of the classic roasted beets and roots with apple and chili. For 4 Servings Carrots, Beets, Potatoes, Onions, Sweet potatoes, Apples Chili Rosmary Balsamic vinegar olive oil, salt & pepper Preheat the oven to 220° Cleanse and cut vegetables, in slices or sticks put them on the baking tray with some salt, pepper, chili and rosmary. Drizzle with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar Cook them in the oven until they are roasted. Serve them warm and add some Olive oil if necessary. This is great with goat cheese and toasted bread!

Metti una sera a cena for TOYOTA

When almost one year ago, we have received an email by Alexa, from Indipendent Film,  asking to be part of the new commercial video for the new Toyota Aygo, the first thing we asked ourselves was “how to define our practice?” She told us they were  “producing a short documentary on creative and inspirational individuals within the Berlin sphere of influence directed by Glen Milner.  Following themes of inspiration, innovation and experimentation, we will shape the film around four central characters in order to experience their creative processes unfolding.  We believe these characters’ ability to change our way of looking at something and their individuality makes them stand out in the crowd. As a person who has achieved in their field, we feel you embody these principles and we’d like to invite you to participate in the documentary as one (in your case two) of the key contributors.” Later happened that we become friends with her and we really enjoyed to be part of this work, where we had to play ourselves, painting, drawing, cooking. The final result can be …

Our cooking art-performance for “homecomings, etc” in Berlin

Last 10 October we had the pleasure to being invited to share our own vision, art and culinary practice during the second edition of an exhibition series curated by Cassandra Edlefsen Lash and Annabelle von Girsewald, “homecomings, etc“. More pictures of our installation/performance are coming soon. In the meantime, here you are the sketch we made to design what we served and the text of the curators. “In the peak of the venue’s architecture, Marco Thiella and Chiara Zanella Coming Home (2014) is discovered as a reprieve in a quested return. Set within a space proposed as one of clarity and rtionality in Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space (1957), that which we know so well rises to the rafters of consciousness as an archetype. Having swayed under the weight of countless suppers, the pressures of conversation, of being worked upon, a form casting shadows reflects traced and anticipated action. The visual artists originally from Venice have been hosting one of Berlin’s first supper clubs, “Metti una sera a cena” (after a 1969 film “One …

Buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, basil oil and lavender flowers

A super-easy but delicious appetizer or quick lunch for friends! Ingredients for 4 persons 4 Buffalo mozzarella 4 cherry tomatoes Extra virgin olive oil Fresh basil black Hawaiian salt lavender fresh flowers (edible)   Cut the mozzarella into two parts and arrange them on the serving plate, one close to the other one. Wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them in 4 pieces. Remove the seeds and stick into the tomatoes slices making a kind of flower shape as in the picture. Fix it on the mozzarella. With a blender, make the basil oil. Add the washed and dry basil leaves to 1/2 cup of olive oil, some salt and blend it till obtain a green, smooth sauce. Season the mozzarella with the black salt, add some drops of basil oil and complete the composition with some fresh lavender flowers.

Special Christmas Dinner at PETRARCA’s, Mitte – Berlin

Dear Friends, we are glad to announce that we  hosted a very special Christmas dinner Saturday 21st December as guest chefs at Petrarca’s, a brand new cosy and unique Italian restaurant in Berlin Mitte. Here are some sneak peek of the evening!   Zucchini carpaccio, Parmesan leaves, Black Truffle from Tuscany   Metti una sera a cena SupperClub- Berlin  

Metti una sera a cena at MUSE, Berlin

Dear Friends, we are pleased to announce that Saturday 23rd November we have been guest chef at MUSE, Berlin. Thanks to Caroline, Kristy, Dave and Tobias for asking us to cook there that evening! “Last Saturday, we hosted Berlin’s Italian supperclub ‘Metti una Sera a Cena‘ at Muse. Chiara and Marco, the brains (and beauty) behind the supperclub, took the opportunity to test out some of their new creations. I think I can safely vouch for everyone who was there, and declare them a success!!” (Kristi) read the full article here  Metti una sera a cena Berlin SupperClub photo by Kristi Korotash

“Grub’s Up” 24 March dinner report

Here we are after an intense, wonderful, exciting dinner experience we shared last night with Kristi and Dave of ZUHAUSE Supper Club and our great 20 guests…it was fantastic!! Ricki Bornhak of Prenzlauer Berg Nachrichten joined us for this and soon we’ll publish the link to see her video project about us and this special event…stay tuned!! In the meantime, just found this lovely review about one of our last dinner parties by “The Food and the City”; read the full article here. Here you are some pictures of last night creations and…the behind the scenes. Thanks again to all our guests for coming and making unique this so special evening. Metti una sera a cena Supper Club Berlin