Month: September 2010

Next dinner party…

We are  taking reservations for the next dinner party on Saturday 9th October…vi aspettiamo! Make your booking at Advertisements



We love Pasta and we love inventing new receipes and sauces to eat every time a different combination… But of course the most delicious is the homemade Pasta and we want to share this pleasure with our guests introducing this wonderful dish that can be so creative,  inspiring and different. Did you know how many are Pasta’s influences on table manners, beginning with the first use of the “fork”? The spread of the use of the fork seems tied to the spread of pasta consumption. Use of the fork accompanied the spread of Pasta and it seems limited, from the Middle Ages until at least the end of the second half of the 16° century, to those areas where Pasta was eaten. Lasagne, like all the pastas, was a relatively expensive food, really almost a luxury item. Pasta was in the past a restricted food, dreamed of by the less fortunate who imagined a never-never land where Macaronis and Ravioli dangled from a mountain of greated Parmesan cheese. (Boccaccio, Decameron, day 8, story 3) Pasta …