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Autumn salad with figs, raw ham, goat cheese and hazelnuts

Let’s have a bite of Autumn! It’s time to play with seasonal ingredients and warm, intense flavours in this time of the year. This “salad” is a variation on the Italian classic “Prosciutto e Fichi”: we added hazelnuts to give  the dish a crunchy texture and creamy goat cheese. It’s a last minute appetizer, fancy but easy to prepare and most of all…delicious! For 4 persons 4 black figs 8 slices of raw ham wild salad edible flowers fresh goat cheese honey peeled hazelnuts salt & pepper Extra virgin olive oil Wash and prepare all the ingredients: cut the hazelnuts, figs and the prosciutto slices. In a bowl, mix goat cheese and honey until creamy and smooth, you will use this mixture to make small “quenelles” to finish the salad simply using two tea spoons. Put the wild salad on the serving plates, trying to make a nice background for all the other ingredients. Then add ham, figs (we suggest to season them with some honey as well ;)) flowers and the small goat cheese …

Next Dinners on Saturday 11th and Saturday 25th January 2014!

Let’s start the new year with great food and amazing wines! We will collaborate again with Petrarca  – Vinantipasteria Italiana in Mitte. We are taking reservations for our next supperclub dinners “METTI UNA SERA A CENA con..PETRARCA” on Saturday 11th and Saturday 25th January. Write at or click here to make your booking. Save the date…and see you there :)! In the meantime..happy new year!!! Metti una sera a cena SupperClub Berlin