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Next Supper club dinners: Venice and Verona

Dear Friends, we are glad to announce that we are taking reservations for our upcoming events in: Venice (Friday, September 4th) and Verona (Friday, September 25th). In collaboration with our dear friend Sun (aka Needle&Cooker) we are going to host a series of supper club dinners in a private, stunning Palazzo in the heart of Venice and a we have been lucky enough to find another unique location: a 18th Century Villa in the heart of Valpolicella (Verona)…don’t miss it! The menu will be a delicious, creative composition of tastes and combinations that we will create together with Sun, where Italian and Korean cuisine will meet in a unique way. As always, the address will be revealed only few days before the event ;)! If you want to know more about it or make your reservation, contact us at or at or simply click on RESERVATIONS Can’t wait to see you there! *** Cari Amici, Dopo una breve pausa, siamo felici di annunciare le nostre prossime date a Venezia (Venerdi 4 Settembre) e a Verona …


La dolce vita

When pictures speak louder then words…


Autumn Leaves, Mussels and Sparkling wine

It’s (f)all folks :)..and this is more than just a melancholic and cosy season: it’s one of the best times of the year to enjoy clams! It was my sister’s birthday, and for lunch we decided to make a classic: Peppered Mussels yummi! So, this is what you need if you want to make this very simple but extroardinary, tasty and delicious appetizer, that can be actually also served as main course. for 2 persons 500 g of Super-fresh mussels, garlic, persil, pepper (and chili), olive oil, bread..a nice glass of Prosecco! Wash the mussels with running water, rubbing them to remove any deposit. Put olive oil, garlic and chili in a frying pan and just fry over low heat. Add the mussels and wait for them to open.When they start opening, add half glass of Prosecco, cook them for 2 minutes, add some persil and olive oil: they are ready. Put some oil in another pan and toast the bread in slices.          Enjoy this great dish…it will make you …