Year: 2010


Dear All, we are taking reservation for the Happy New Year Dinner Party on 31st December; a very cool and unique way to enjoy amazing food, people, music and ambience! Only for this special occasion the booking is open up to 15 persons. Book the best way to welcome the New Year! Reservations at New Year’s Eve Dinner Party 2010   Menu   Aperitif – Spritz Aperol or Prosecco + Finger Food * GLI ANTIPASTI   Baccalà Mantecato on yellow Polenta cube – Caponata di Melanzane Served with  Colli Euganei Bianco D.O.C. 2008 Vie del Conte –  Veneto * I PRIMI Homemade Lasagne with Taleggio D.o.p. and Treviso red chicory – Homemade Potatoes Gnocchi  with Cherry Tomatoes, Capers, Thyme and Goat Cheese Served with  Colli Euganei Bianco 2008 D.O.C. 2008 Vie del Conte –  Veneto * SECONDO Scalded Thunafish in black salt with Almonds and Peppermint Pesto Served with Colli Euganei Rosso D.O.C. 2008 Vie del Conte – Veneto * Dessert Nougat Semifreddo with Fruits Tartare and Spicy Honey Served with Prosecco Artè Balan …

IHeart Berlin and “The Italian Supper Club”!

On Saturday 13th November Suz and Frank of IHeart Berlin joined us for dinner; you can read more about it on their reviews: It was a very pleasant evening with very nice guests, from Berlin and abroad…we want to say thank you all guys! Thanks again for coming and hope to see you soon again! Metti una sera a cena – Supper club Berlin

Dinner on Saturday 13th November is fully booked!

Dear All, We are pleased to announce that the next dinner on Saturday 13th November is now fully booked. Thanks to everyone will join us, we look forward to meeting you all and to share with you a great Saturday evening with amazing food, nice people and delicious wine. The next dinner party is on Saturday 20th November…SAVE THE DATE and make your reservation writing at Metti una sera a cena

Next dinner on Saturday 6 November

Dear All, we are taking reservations for the next dinner party on Saturday, write at and book your special evening. See you soon! Metti una sera a cena Menu Aperitif – Spritz + Finger food Carpaccio di gamberi, finocchio, sedano e fichi al balsamico Shrimps carpaccio with fennol, celery, figs and balsamic Ravioli con patate e capesante su crema di zucca al wasabi con pancetta croccante Homemade ravioli with potatoes and scallops on pumpkin-wasabi cream with crispy bacon Served with – Gavi di Gavi 2008 Magda Pedrini – Piemonte – Baccalà in saor Stockfish in “Saor” Served with Jevàde Refosco  IGT 2006 Ca’ Selva Friuli Venezia Giulia – Crema al prosecco con gelatina alla melagrana Prosecco Cream with pomegranate gelatin * Moka espresso served with Venchi’s chocolate truffle


We love Pasta and we love inventing new receipes and sauces to eat every time a different combination… But of course the most delicious is the homemade Pasta and we want to share this pleasure with our guests introducing this wonderful dish that can be so creative,  inspiring and different. Did you know how many are Pasta’s influences on table manners, beginning with the first use of the “fork”? The spread of the use of the fork seems tied to the spread of pasta consumption. Use of the fork accompanied the spread of Pasta and it seems limited, from the Middle Ages until at least the end of the second half of the 16° century, to those areas where Pasta was eaten. Lasagne, like all the pastas, was a relatively expensive food, really almost a luxury item. Pasta was in the past a restricted food, dreamed of by the less fortunate who imagined a never-never land where Macaronis and Ravioli dangled from a mountain of greated Parmesan cheese. (Boccaccio, Decameron, day 8, story 3) Pasta …

The September Menu

Dear All, Thanks again to all people that joined us coming during the last dinners and the first tasting party of the summertime; every single event was a really unforgettable and  a unique experience! We’ll  take a break during this last weekend of August and you’ll find us again on September 4th introducing a new Menu. We’ll start with the Tower of vegetables and Smoked Scamorza with basil oil, then homemade Gnocchi alla Panarellese as first course, the Veal Tartare with ricotta and patê de fois gras and, to finish, the  Almonds Blancmange. You can book your dinner for the next weekend writing at A presto! Metti una sera a cena

Tasting Party on Friday 20th August!

There are still slots available for the tasting party of Friday. The program is the tasting of wines from Veneto,  each coming with fingerfood inspired to the traditional venetian “cicheti”. The Sommelier will introduce the wines: Brut Rosè Wildbacher 2009, Col Sandago and Prosciutto and Figs * Colli Euganei Bianco DOC 2008, Vie del Conte and Tramezzini * Soave DOC 2008, Tamellini and Baccalà Mantecato * Wildbacher IGT 2003, Col Sandago and Soppressa Vicentina D.O.P. with Polenta * Recioto Classico Valpolicella 2006, Brunelli and Venetian Bisquits Reservations at See you on Friday!

Book now your secret dinner on this Saturdy 14th!

Dear all, this is the second week end with the new menu…last saturday our guest really loved the food and the new wines we introduced! You can reserve your dinner writing at See you soon! Anna Says: 9 August 2010 at 16:01 “Fantastic Location, Amazing Food, Great Hosts! Not being the most adventurous type of people, we were a bit scared of what would expect us prior to our arrival last saturday. What we found was a fantastic location, amazing food and great hosts who made us feel at home immediately.Starting with a very tastefully set table and ending with a delightful grappa, you let us have a perfect saturday night dinner. Thank You so much. We´ll definately be back!”


Dear All, we are going to introduce a new project of wine tasting with a sommelier at our supper club. Each event is dedicated to one Italian region; you’ll have the pleasure to try excellent wines and finger food inspired to the traditional “APERITIVO”. The first meeting begin from Veneto and will present a selection of white and red wines coming with some traditional “cicheti” (that means little appetizers like polenta, baccalà mantecato, Soppressa D.O.P. traditional cheese on croutons) The tasting can hosts up to 15 person and starts at 8pm. Have a look to the the program clicking on Tasting Parties to see the wine – list and all details. Info and booking at

Next dinner on Saturday 24 July

Dear All, the 6 slots are still available for the dinner on Saturday 24th July…let’s join us! We’ll introduce new wines serving the maining courses, a gorgeous Timorasso Derthona 2006 by Terralba and a delicious Passito di Pantelleria 2004 by Colosi. P:S: Thanks again to all the guests that have been here during the last week end, it was a pleasure to meet you all! Metti una sera a cena

Still 4 slots available…

Dear guests, there are still 4 slots available for the next dinner on Friday  16 July…we take your reservations untill 24 hours before the dinner. The dinner start at 9pm o’clock, make your reservation to know the location of Metti una sera a cena! Booking at Thanks and enjoy! Metti una sera a cena

Next dinner

Dear all, the next dinner will be on Sunday 18 July. There are still the 6 slots available; the menu is fresh, tasty and perfect for the summertime! Come and enjoy your secret dinner in a beautiful flat/atelier in the heart of Berlin! booking at Metti una sera a cena

The new Menu for this week-end…

Here we are again to update our Menu after the last dinner ( yesterday, 13rd June 2010…we had very special guests like some artists and a photographer that delighted us with their presence and enjoyed the Menu!). This week-end, we are going to present a new Menu, fresh, light and delicious, perfect for the summer evenings! The donation we request for this Menu is 50 Euro for each person (aperitif, wines, caffé and all courses included) Booking at Just have a look to the menu and..Buon appetito! Metti una sera a cena, Berlin