Month: May 2010

Next dinner on Friday 4th June 2010…

Six seats are still available for the dinner on Friday 4th June 2010. We are accepting reservations from today  till one day before the dinner. Just have a look to the Menu (clicking on the link “Menu”) and  contact us by e-mail to reserve your special evening in Berlin. The seasonal Menu of June has fish and vegetables as  the main ingredients, the donation for this menu (wines included) is 60 euro per person. Booking at Metti una sera a cena Advertisements

The dinner of Metti una sera a cena on Sunday 23rd May 2010…

Last Sunday we had our first dinner…everything was super and delicious! It was really a perfect evening, with very interesting people and conversations… In the picture below you’ll find one of the courses of the menu (Gnocchi with crispy Shrimps) and the wine, a gorgeous Vermentino di Gallura 2008. Sure that our guests enjoyed the dinner, the food and the scenario…looking forward to receive your new requests! Metti una sera a cena, Berlin

Spargelzeit – Asparagus Time – Tempo di asparagi

A quick and delicious receipt we made in which asparagus, eggs and herbs are the main ingredient. for 4 persons – 4 eggs – 250 ml of whole milk – 1 bunch of green asparagus – chives – a knob of butter – salt and pepper – extra-virgin olive oil Whisk the eggs adding milk, salt and pepper. Wash and slice thinly the asparagus and pan fry them with the knob of butter for few minutes. Add the still warm asparagus to the eggs, the chives then mix. Baste the pan with the olive oil and cook the omelette. The preparation is enough to make 4 omelettes. Serve the omelette in individual dishes decorated with paprika and fresh thymian. Buon appetito!

Supper Club in Berlin / Metti una sera a cena

Try excellent food with great quality wines in a beautiful house/atelier in the heart of Berlin! Contact us to book your secret perfect dinner to: Metti Una Sera A Cena is a unic way to enjoy and try a top-quality and sophisticated Italian cuisine. in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. You’ll find the perfect place to re-discovered the pleasure of a new, unexpected conversation. We accept reservations for a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 persons, Friday, Saturday or Saturday and Sunday evening; just have a look to our menus and choose your perfect special dining program. You can already book your dinner; the new Menu starts on May 2010. Metti Una Sera A Cena is a supper club for very special people…come and find us in Berlin!