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Metti una sera a cena for TOYOTA

When almost one year ago, we have received an email by Alexa, from Indipendent Film,  asking to be part of the new commercial video for the new Toyota Aygo, the first thing we asked ourselves was “how to define our practice?”

She told us they were  “producing a short documentary on creative and inspirational individuals within the Berlin sphere of influence directed by Glen Milner.  Following themes of inspiration, innovation and experimentation, we will shape the film around four central characters in order to experience their creative processes unfolding.  We believe these characters’ ability to change our way of looking at something and their individuality makes them stand out in the crowd. As a person who has achieved in their field, we feel you embody these principles and we’d like to invite you to participate in the documentary as one (in your case two) of the key contributors.”

Later happened that we become friends with her and we really enjoyed to be part of this work, where we had to play ourselves, painting, drawing, cooking. The final result can be seen here..two days of work in few seconds 😉

…and this is what we were actually drawing: that was going to be cooked and served that night for the shooting:

Smoked Trout with green Apple, squid ink bread, flowers, almonds and orange

sketch smoked trout



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