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Private Dinner report 7th December

Here we are after an intense, wonderful, private Christmas dinner party!

People was great and we all hanged out till 4 in the morning…; )! We presented a very traditional Menu: as fingerfood there were Sablès with black olives,

little cubes of Mortadella DOP and Balsamico vinegar, Tartellettes with thunafish and capers mousse…and Prosecco, of course!

It was very pleasant because our guests choosed a supper club to celebrate the first birthday of their young company, they showed their story with videos and pictures during the aperitif and the atmosphere was perfect.

The Menu, as we said, was very traditional…but with our contemporary touch; )! Caponata di Melanzane with Almonds and Peas Sprouts, Homemade Lasagne with Radicchio, Taleggio and Cocoa Nibs, Mozzarella di Bufala with bottarga di Muggine and Chocolate cupcake on orange and ginger sauce. Thank you again for coming guys!


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