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Dinner party on 10th December…SAVE THE DATE!

Dear Friends,

here we are presenting the new Menu for the “extra” date on Saturday 10th December before the New Year’s Eve Dinner Party.

There are still slots available…come and join us! Booking and info at musacberlin@yahoo.com

December 2011



Baccalà mantecato fatto in casa con crostini

Homemade Stockfish cream on croutons


first course

Risotto di zucca e tartufo nero

Pumpkin risotto with black truffle



Variazione di bufala alla lavanda e bottarga

Variation of Buffalo mozzarella, Bottarga and Lavender


second course

Composizione di Cotechino, spinaci e crema di patate

Composition: Cotechino with Spinach and Potato cream



Mousse di cioccolato al Tartufo Bianco e cremoso alla nocciola

Mousse with Chocolate and White truffle, hazelnut cream

Moka Caffè


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