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Thank you for a great evening! + Super-nice review on “Schlachtplatte”

Yesterday was a great, amazing dinner with so nice guests…thank you all!

And thank you to “SCHLACHTPLATTE” for such a great review on her blog…it’s amazing! Read more on the section CULINARY HIDE AND SEEK


Metti una sera a cena – Supper club Berlin



  1. Thank you for a wonderful evening! We had such a great time- tasty food and many laughters! A more elaborate eulogy is coming up on my blog on Sunday!

  2. We really enjoyed the fun atmosphere. Parmesan ice cream was Absolut lecker! Really loved the Vie del conte. Handmade Cannoli – amazing. Thank you.

  3. Hi, I came across your website, as I am looking for ideas to impress people at a dinner party, would it be possible to recommend a menu which would be easy, yet ultimately impressive?

  4. Hi the handmade cannoli sounds amazing, would you be able to pass the recipe on for this dish. I am always interested to know new recipes?

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