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Our New Menu for January…Buon Appetito!

Dear All,

We are very happy to announce the new Menu for the next dinners on January 15th and 29th

January 2011



Spritz Aperol




Parmesan Ice cream on candied Tropea onions and Basil Chips



first course


“Tajarin” (homemade pasta) Carbonara with quail egg and Pancetta di Sauris



second course


Italian Cotechino composition with red chicory of Treviso and Potatoes cream





Lavender cream cannoli on pink grapefruit sauce


Moka Italian espresso 100% Arabica


We have created this menu thinking about some traditional but “restyled” dishes like Carbonara and Cotechino and about some unusual combinations like the Parmesan ice cream on onions as appetizer and the cannoli Lavender cream for dessert.

We are already taking reservations…book your dinner writing at musacberlin@yahoo.com


Metti una sera a cena – Berlin


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